coach BIO

If we haven't met personally before, nice to meet you!

I am "Auntie Trish" to many at-risk youth and "Patricia Jones" to others in my business communities. A big part of my life is my physical and mental fitness, which I have been able to develop by pushing play everyday with Beachbody. 

My love affair with Beachbody started 7 years ago when I clued in that my "fat suit" had blossomed up to 204lbs...seemingly overnight but in reality was fashioned over the course of 10 years of semi-neglect. I was always very active during this time and would lable myself as "fatfit". You know, like running a marathon with 36% bodyfat on my 5'7" frame weighing in at 185lbs.

I was tired of being tired and with dealing with new health issues (sleep apnea, insulin resistance, joint pain etc). I wanted my mojo back and to find relief from my generalized anxiety disorder, which I only now understand was plaguing my life on many levels.

Through various Beachbody programs and a lot of personal deep diving, I have been able to drop 70lbs of fat and gain 10lbs of muscle. The best part? I'm not finished yet! 


My specialty is listening. I want to hear your story, your current state, and what direction you would like to go.

I personally lead our signature Challenge Group called "Transform 21 Jump Start" that starts on the second Monday of every month. We overhaul our nutrition, mindset, and movement leading to a higher level of health and wellness. We also have an awesome group of coaches who lead some super cool new challenges: Step 5000, Beast up!,  & Dynamic Control via Tai Chi. 

I also love developing new coaches. Helping new coaches (people just like you) build their businesses side by side together until they are ready to fly gives me a lot of joy. We work as a team and teamwork really does pay off. Personal development is key and Beachbody gives us a great framework for success.

Whether you are completely new to fitness and nutrition or looking to be a coach yourself, you have reached a very supportive community! 

Look out Summer/Fall 2018! We're coming for you!