12 Days of IamSuper.Fit-Mas Shakeology Showdown


Sometimes we all need a little “boost” or accountability to fire things back up, right?!?  Especially in December when our calendars fill up fast with holiday parties, get togethers, family events and more. It is easy to push your health and your fitness to the back burner and get in the mindset of picking back up in the new year when life slows down.  Let’s face it, life really doesn’t ever slow down.

You also might be really interested in trying Shakeology but the commitment or the cost might be holding you back.  I totally get it cause we were all there onece. I was nervous to spend the money on a product that I wasn’t sure would work and I didn’t want to be stuck with Shakeology and out the money!  Even though Beachbody gives you a money back guarantee I was hesitant to pull the trigger at first. I am sure you can relate!  If that is you and you really want to see if Shakeology can help you with your nutrition, curb your cravings, give you natural energy and boost your immune system then why not give it 12 days plus you get an awesome group to support you and answer questions along the way. What do you think?? This is a really awesome way to spice it up and give you a short and sweet 12 day FUN opportunity to make some friends, get accountability in your health and fitness and win some cool prizes for participation.  I am hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Shakeology Shake Off December 12th through the 23rd.  It is super easy to participate but you have to act fast because there is only a limited number of spots available.

So what is the 12 Days of IamSuper.Fit-Mas Shakeology Showdown?

Well it is 12 days of Shakeology Recipes, daily accountability, tips to help keep you motivated to make healthier choices through the holidays, ingredient swaps to make your nutrition better, prizes and rewards for checking in and getting a sweat session on and truthfully it is a way to stay accountable without having to break the bank.  It is the perfect length of time because it’s before Christmas and it hits those holiday parties and allows you to gain some strategies to handle the temptations and really balance out what you want to eat with what you think isn’t worth the calories.  I am going to throw in some cleaned up cocktail recipes, appetizers and desserts as well.

If you are interested in participating here is the steps to join:

  1. Make me your coach here: Create A Team Beachbody Free Account

  2. Purchase the 12 Days of IamSuper.Fit-Mas Shakeology Showdown Package from me by paypal’ing $60 to coachme@iamsuper.fit with the following subject line: “12 Days of IamSuper.Fit-Mas Shakeology Showndown” (AS A GIFT)

    1. List which flavours you would like. Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry. ****I cannot guarantee that you will get exactly what you choose but I will do my best based on availability. I am only accepting 10 people into this group! So don’t delay at getting started.

  3. Commit to replacing just ONE meal a day with Shakeology using the recipes that I give you in your package.

  4. Press play at least 4 times a week and challenge yourself to dig deeper during your workouts. You can use Beachbody OnDemand which you can get a free 30 day trial when you create a free account with me or you can use one of the Beachbody fitness programs you already own. If you do not own any please let me know and I would be happy to help you out.

  5. Either at the beginning or the end of the 12 days you can do the 3 day refresh (this is optional and you do not have to do this) to really amp up your results in preparation for an event or party. The 3 Day Refresh is an all natural cleanse to help you shed a few lbs, to get your sugar cravings under control or break a plateau or start your weight loss journey.

  6. Complete the form below to get into the closed online accountability and support group where I will answer questions daily, gives you tips and my top tricks to surviving the holidays without going backwards:

12 Days of IamSuper.Fit-Mas Shakeology Showdown

Name *
Do you have a Beachbody Coach
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As a participant and my customer in the 12 Days of Christmas Shakeology Shake Off I will assure you that you are going to feel better about your nutrition choices and help you establish realistic expectations for your goals and a strategy for how to get there!  Your success does really come from YOUR commitment to change your habits and address them in a healthy way!  I will teach you how I eat to maintain my energy level and prevent those peaks and valleys through the day.

Alright…. so now here we go! The fun stuff!! What will I win?!?!

So when you participate here is what you will get.

  • If you participate each day in the 12 Days of Christmas Shakeology Shake Off you will win a Iamsuper.Fit Fitspiration journal. Participation requires that you check in every day and post a picture of your Shakeology, you rate your food and your workouts.

  • If you know you want to participate in the any on of our challenge groups starting in January along with this group, you can bypass just buying the packets of Shakeology and you can get a challenge pack that comes with the workout program of your choice, 30 days of Shakeology, access to the support and accountability group where I will help you set goals to kick off your new year right plus the goal getter journal and the fixate cookbook to give you ideas for your meal plans. This early bird offer expires on the 12th of December.


So who is with me?!?!

Are you ready to get started and have a little fun over the next few weeks??  I know I am!!!  So make sure you have filled out the application above and you have sent the paypal to me at coachme@iamsuper.fit to join.  Remember I must be your COACH and you cannot currently be working with another coach at this time!!!

This is for NEW clients only!  If you are CURRENTLY in a challenge group of mine then this does not apply to you.

Let’s rock out this holiday season with confidence and lots of energy!

Patricia Jones , Lifetime Diamond Beachbody Coach

Patricia Jones, Lifetime Diamond Beachbody Coach


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