Transformation Tuesday: Karen Lost 22.6 Pounds with CIZE!

Karen was struggling to lose the baby weight, but nothing seemed to work for her. She heard about CIZE being a dance themed program and was immediately drawn to give it a try. She lost 22.6 pounds after just 60 days! Read about how she did it below:

“I was having insecurities with my body after having two kids and not losing any pregnancy weight. It led to depression and relationship issues with my family and friends. I would cry almost every day because I hated how my weight affected me. I hit my breaking point and knew it was time for a change! I wanted the old Karen back!

Before having two kids, I was a professional dancer. I thought that the moves in CIZE would let me get back to my dancing roots. I tried every workout before this, but none of them seemed to work and I quickly got bored. CIZE was the perfect fit from day one.

I loved that the program was about dancing. Although I was getting the most out of my workouts, Shaun T made it feel like I was in the studio again. Instead of it feeling like a workout, I felt like I was getting ready for my next show! I started to feel better and better. Each day was challenging, but as I kept going and shedding more and more weight, my stamina increased.

After completing the program, I am so happy and more energized. I am excited to go out with my friends, my relationship with my husband and daughters is better because of my positive attitude, and I can’t wait to share CIZE with my girls when they get older. I hope to inspire others who feel the way I felt and want make a change. My journey doesn’t end here! I can’t wait to see how far I go in my weight loss journey. This is just more motivation to keep going.”