100 Day Instant Pot + Shape-Up Challenge!

You are invited to get healthy with me over 100 days starting September 16th!

Grab your instant pot & make the jump to better!


If you are thinking “Holy Moly there is NO WAY I can do 100 days of anything!!”…

Guess what?

It’s the start of fall and I swear I was JUST spring cleaning!! Right?!?

So what’s the challenge, Patricia

I am challenging you to complete 100 days of eating well, sleeping better, and moving more. I’m challenging you to complete the 100 days before December 31st, 2019, AND I would like to reward you for sticking to it till the end!

Patricia, do I know you? You look familiar!

Probably, but if we haven't met personally before, nice to meet you!

Patricia Jones, 100 Day Challenge Leader

Patricia Jones, 100 Day Challenge Leader

I’m a corgi lovin’, menu huntin’, Instant Pot fanatic who also loves to break out the cast iron pots and pans and cook over an open fire. A big part of my life is my physical and mental fitness. I have been able to develop my “super” bit by bit by putting small daily habits into action.

I am challenging you and I to really make a commitment to ourselves. I have put together an exciting 100 Day Challenge starting September 16th so that we can REALLY head into 2020 feeling better.

Sounds good, but how do i do it?

I’ll provide a full program customized for you! Yep, even complicated lil’ ol’ you. Here’s what I have in store:

  • Recipes hand-picked for ease of batch prepping and cooking. You can follow the Weight Watcher system, Fixate, 2B Mindset, or whatever works best for you. Need a hand with your nutrition? No problem! I can help.

    Do you have a special diet you need to follow? Welcome to the club. I’ll be following a ketogenic diet to help combat my autoimmune disease. There will be recipes for Vegan, Whole 30, Keto, and AIP. Need something else? Just ask.

  • Plug and play shape-up videos. Right in the palm of your hand! You will have access to over 800+ health and wellness videos via a Netflix style app. There is something for everyone, I promise. I’ll be doing a Tai Chi program for the majority of my journey with a little strength training. Other challengers will be doing 30 minute total body fitness programs, 20 minute HIIT programs, 40-60 minute weight lifting programs, and 10-90 minute yoga sessions. Don’t worry, I’ll help you chose the right program for you. Who knows, you may want to switch it up a bit.

  • Nutritional Shakes + Supplements (optional). If you would like to add a daily superfood shake, boost your energy before you exercise, or fuel your body with extra post-workout nutrition, I’ve got you covered. I’m going ALL IN for the challenge!

  • A 100 Day Journal to track your journey. Not optional. To really transform, we need to dig deep and document our progress. It’s all a part of the journey to us feeling better day by day.

  • Supportive Online Group of like-minded and committed challengers! It’s YOUR time! We can do it together.

Hmmnnnn…. will it really be worth the effort?

Let me ask you this? Do you feel there is a better version of you inside? Perhaps a healthier life for you? That maybe if you weren’t so bloody tired all of the time that you would be able to enjoy some of life’s blessings a little more? Here are some of the benefits my past challengers and I have gained:

  • More confidence in how we show up in the world

  • Spending less money on medications

  • More energy

  • Regained trust in ourselves

  • Saving money on food

  • New skills in the kitchen! Boo yah!

  • Better sex life (yeah I went there)

  • Less guesswork in our nutritional and exercise habits

  • More time freedom

  • Higher productivity

  • Better relationships with our children and loved ones

  • A feeling of well being that we had heard about but had never experienced

  • New “Super Friends” that help keep us on our wellness path. It’s like having your very own herd of Snuffleupagusses

ok, but how much?

Cheap as chips! Actually, less than a bag of chips per day. Or crisps for our UK peeps! Anywhere from a cup of coffee from your local diner to a “Marmucks” latte …. $1.20 - $3.50 USD per day… all depends on what tools you need to meet your goals.

Who will you be at the end of your 100 days?

Listen to Erinn in her own words. Watch her video by clicking on her picture above

I’ll be honest, when I started, I was like “There’s nooo way i’m going to finish this!”

But as you commit to yourself, it becomes less about getting fit or losing weight or toning up, and more about who you become in the process and how you transform.
— Erinn Y.

Check out the results of these past challengers!

Regular folks just like you! They pushed play every day, paid attention to how they fuelled their bodies, documented their progress, and completely transformed their minds and their bodies. Think their transformations only made them feel better? Nope. They became happier, more productive, & more vibrant in all their life. Everyone around them can feel and see the difference.

I’m ready to get rolling !

Great! I’d like to learn a little bit more about where you are at right now and where you would like to improve. Hit the big button below and let’s goooooooo!

But I have some questions. I’m not sure!

I am sooo out of shape. I have just had <a baby, surgery/I have <knee/back/neck/gut/depression>

There is literally something for everyone. I was hit by a bus a few months back and I have physical limitations I need to work through, too. So, I’ll be doing a program that focusses on helping me regain my mobility. I’ve also managed to miraculously (thank you Drive-Thru) add 40lbs to my frame. YES, the big 4-0. Menopause has been a be-ATCH, let me tell you. I need to get my nutrition back on point, melt off some of chub-suit, and get my autoimmune disease flare under control.

I can’t afford it.

Did you read the part above about the chips? Or maybe your face was in the chip bag? The program will cost anywhere from $1.20 per day to $3.50 per day. Most people find that when they follow a solid nutrition plan and batch cook, they save $$. I’m sure you will find, too. You may need to budget for some new clothes at the end of the 100 days. And a new mirror! You’ll want a full standing one for sure!

I am afraid I won’t finish. I’ve tried these things before and failed.

I get it. So have I. But you know what? I just finished a 70 day challenge this spring and NEVER thought I would finish. I lost 20lbs and got strong AF. There is something really magical about coming together as a small group, having skin in the game, and showing up day after day. There are plenty of days for recovery and plenty of days for you to screw up. It’s about progress, not perfection. And, let me tell you this: You are already super just the way you are. It’s just time to feel better.

I also bet you have never had the benefit of a 3rd degree black belt in Karate breathing down your back before!! Er, I mean supporting you! I like to think of my challenge groups as my virtual martial arts dojo. I’m a little bit Kobra Kai and a whole lotta Miyagi in my style. You just need to show up and trust the process. Washing my cars and painting my house is optional ;)

What if I don’t like the shakes or the other supplements? Can I get my money back?

That’s a fair question and the answer is YES. All of the nutritional and performance supplements are backed by a bottom-of-the-bag 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I’m yelling at you on purpose :) YES, it’s a good deal and I’ve got your back.

So let’s DO this!

Please take a moment to fill out the Questionnaire in the link below. It’s fun and it will only take a couple of minutes. I will ask you a few simple questions to get know you a little better and to help me pick out the best tools for your journey to better! Let’s get rolling right away!

Please feel free to share this challenge invitation with your friends and family via email or your social media channels.

I look forward to feeling better with you very soon!

Patricia :)