Transformation Tuesday: Maribel Lost 8 Pounds with 3-Day Refresh!

Maribel B. had hit a plateau in her weight loss. She decided to try 3-Day Refresh to see if she could change that. Read about her experience, in her own words below:

I was stuck at 140 pounds for a long time, and I was hesitant to try something new.  I had just finished P90X3 and I was getting stronger, but my weight remained unchanged and it frustrated me!

I had never done any other detox products in the past, so I curious about the 3-Day Refresh. I hoped it would be the missing piece in my journey.  On the first day I was sluggish, but by the second day I had a renewed energy that couldn’t be contained! I slept well and I didn’t need coffee to stay awake throughout the day.

I feel amazing after completing the 3-Day Refresh! I can feel and see the difference in my weight and my energy levels. I have mental clarity and I feel serene. I feel lighter and refreshed, and as an added benefit I was able stop drinking coffee during the process, and I don’t feel like I need it anymore.

I would recommend the 3-Day Refresh because it’s the missing piece that will take you to the next level! I loved the Vanilla Fresh shake; it tastes like dessert! I would do it again, maybe every two or three months to reboot myself.

The 3-Day Refresh changed the way I approach health and fitness, and most importantly I learned to view food as fuel for my body. My experience was very gratifying.