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Keeping your nutrition on track is priority #1 . As your coach and friend, I am here to help you make healthier choices the fun, simple, and down-right yummy way. Life is too short for boring food. Trust me. From weekly meal planning, dinner for two, to healthy snacks your family will actually eat, I invite you to dig in. - Patricia Jones

Bon Appetite!


3 Squares



By far my favourite meal of the day, I like to think think these breakfast gems can be eaten anytime of day. I and do. I eat 'em all of the time whenever I feel like it. We are always adding shiny new stars to our breakfast line up to help you start your day off on the right side. Or maybe that's the sunny side? Whatever it is, this list is here to get you crackin'. 



Make ahead, grab and go, or leftovers for champs, our Iamsuper.Fit lunch box is full of ideas to meet your lifestyle. Looking for a new style? Well, I can help you with that, too. Paleo, Whole 30, Vegan, and Simple Squared (I just made that up) are all covered in our "that was easy" line-up. Got 15 minutes or less to prep? You've got it all in the bag/bento/six pack cooler.



Under 30 minutes you say? I say, "Ok, done like dinner". I'm a big fan of batch cooking, but I'll cover that in our Meal Planning section. So let's explore some ideas for mid-week meals that will not have you dreading the 'ol "What's for dinner" question. You know, the one that either makes your blood boil or makes you trigger-happy for pizza delivery. Quick an easy. If you like the sound of that, then dig in. 


Give me a try



Move over smoothie! It's time to shake up your nutrition with nutrient dense Shakeology. Now you may know that your beloved Shay-key-oh tastes great straight up... and also comes in yummy flavours like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, greenberry, and cafe-latte (oooh, and Vegan options). But, sometimes you might be feeling like a little sumpthin' sumpthin' extra, and that's where we come in. Our Shakeology menu helps you shake things up a little..or a lot!


the extras



Are you a snacker? If so, be a healthy one for goodness sake. Healthy options are endless, but for our list we have chosen what we like to call Super Snacks. This is not to be confused with Scoobie Snacks, but your furry friend will beg for these morsels just the same. 


cheats and treats

Oh come on, you deserve it. No really, you do. There was a time when I was obsessed with getting my hands on every raw dessert recipe I could find. Why? They are damn good for one and I can follow that up with a whole host of healthy ingredients to back me up. And you know what? Popular science would suggest that you add a cheat or treat to your life to keep your hormones happy and your metabolism optimized. Yep, I googled it. 




Meal Planning

Batch cooking, slow cooker ideas, leftover planning, minding your macros ... we've got you covered so your nutrition is on point and ready when you are. Once you start this process you will wonder how you ever managed before. This is by far my favourite part of my healthy lifestyle. It's time to turn pro. Let's go!