ABOUT Living Super 365

We believe we are better together.

A couple of years back I formed an online accountability community with a few other like minded folks who were working towards their super. Fast forward to 2019, and we sport a new name, new members, and a whole lot more in store for you.


Joining our community is easy. We just need your name, email address, and Facebook handle.

Staying plugged in is a little more challenging. The good part? We’ve got your back!


It’s for women and men looking for a safe, drama-free zone to work on their super selves. Want to lose weight? Get totally ripped? Burn serious calories? Eat healthier? Your goals are unique to you and our LIVING SUPER 365 accountability community is also like no other.

We meal prep, we flex, we encourage, we cry, and a lot of other super stuff. What we don’t do is whine. Well, maybe a couple days after a leg day but who doesn’t? Oh, and we have little free/almost free challenges here and there, too. A couple of days of detoxing, 4 days of meal prepping, a wee water fast…. participate as you will. It’s your club.

But listen, this is an accountability group. I will check in with you now and then personally, but the 3 strike rule applies. This means if I reach out please say hi back! If there is too much radio silence I’ll assume you’re happily munching curry in Calcutta.


Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.57.32 PM.png
  • Safe and fun online space for those of us working on our health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

  • Sample meal plans, recipes, kick-in-the-pants, and free mini challenges.

  • Resources, resources, resources.

  • Opportunities for more personal accountability in our Jump Start 21 program to get you rolling or re-rolling.


I am ready to be super

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Who Am i?

I am an aboriginal entrepreneur of Cree-Metis heritage. A warrior spirit drove me to athletics, the martial arts, and the entrepreneurial life. In recent years, I discovered a couple of new forms of kryptonite that messed with my super powers.

Maybe you have, too?

But there is better….

….And that starts here. Just show up and push play with me and your iamsuper.fit community.