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A little bit about Me

If we haven't met personally before, nice to meet you!

I’m a corgi lovin’, menu hunting, off-roading, instantpot fanatic who loves to break out the cast iron pots and pans over open fire. A big part of my life is my physical and mental fitness, which I have been able to develop by small daily habits into action & by surrounding myself with positive people.

My love affair with daily accountability started 12 years ago when I clued in that my "fat suit" had blossomed up to 202lbs...seemingly overnight but in reality was fashioned over the course of 10 years of semi-neglect. I was always very active during this time and would lable myself as "fatfit". You know, like running a marathon with 36% bodyfat on my 5'7" frame weighing in at 185lbs.

Then whammo! My health went in the toilet. I was tired with with dealing with new health issues (sleep apnea, insulin resistance, etc) and I wanted my mojo back. Through a couple of solid tools and a lot of personal deep diving, I was able to drop 70lbs of fat and gain 10lbs of muscle.

Kept it off for 10 years and then BAM. Life happened. So did early menopause! But, I’m back in the drivers seat and helping others do the same. Allowing us to be super where we are right now and each day we as feel better and better.

my forte

My specialty is listening. I want to hear your story, your current state, what direction you would like to go, and then getting you plugged in to our super awesome community.

I personally lead our signature Accountability Group called "Jump Start 21 Fit Camp" that starts on the third Monday of every month. It’s like no other. We overhaul our nutrition, mindset, and movement leading to a higher level of health and wellness. You can only focus on nutrition and mindset or add daily exercise, too. The choice is always yours and customized to you.

I also love developing new leaders. Helping new business partners (people just like you) build their businesses side-by-side until they are ready to fly makes my heart soar. We work as a team and teamwork really does pay off. Personal development is key and our team gives us a great framework for success.

Whether you are completely new to wellness and personal development or you are looking to be develop your own online wellness business, you have reached a very supportive community! 

Look out winter 2020! We're coming for you!

What are you waiting for?

A little story from me to me about me - from the heart


A couple of years ago I participated in a “From the Heart” Challenge by Sagi Kalev, creator of the weight lifting program named Body Beast. It was an 18 day challenge where each day we would add one minute to our plank and post a shout-out to from our heart to someone. I chose to dedicate the 18 shout-outs to the kids in my neighbourhood that I grew up with since many of them were a part of my facebook posse.

On this particular day, I dedicated the post to someone I knew very well.

Don’t wait till you’re 65!
— Rose Jones

On my block there was a little kid that loved to play with her next door neighbours, her brothers and sister, and all of the super cool kids on Aysgarth, Foster, Howard, Georgia, and Bruce Streets. She didn’t really look like a boy nor a girl, and she certainly didn’t feel like either one. But it was the 70’s and her neighbourhood was packed full of boys and girls with shoulder length hair, Cougar shoes, plaid shirts, puffy vests and cuffed jeans. So she managed to fit in - kind of. She knew she was different, and that her true colours weren’t in the crayon box she was handed. So she hung around her siblings and didn’t speak much. She played lots of sports, did well in school, and NEVER got into trouble. She learned to hide her feelings, her true self, and generally just hide all around.

Just shy of 13 years old she became very, very sick. So much so that she figured she was dying. She actually was. She didn’t tell her parents, teachers, friends, nor siblings what was going on. She figured It was her private death sentence from God for being “different”, and She bled out slowly each day until she couldn’t walk anymore. Over the next 10 years she battled her illness, wore a couple of new masks as a teenager, and still managed to do ok in school and sports. She still blended in and her school mates seemed to accept her, although she was fashioned with the nickname “Fag”.

It got better*

She went to university across the country so she wouldn’t know anyone and could have a fresh start. Perhaps even throw away the old masks. But, that didn’t happen.

Instead, she looked for answers in the halls of higher learning to find the remedy for her pain deep inside. It was a feeling of not belonging, not being good enough, and most certainly not feeling worthy of real love. It wasn’t a feeling really. She felt she knew it. She had been told by one of her brother’s from a very young age that “No-one will ever want to be with you so don’t even try”. She believed him every time.

So after graduating from university she went even further away to a place where the streets had no names. The people spoke a different language and she found comfort in the complete anonymity. She met some really awesome people that saw her, really saw her, and excepted her for who she was. Hell, a few people actually loved her unmasked version of herself and helped her peel them off.

So after a few years abroad she came back to Canada and went and hid in a mountain town. She spent the next 10 years of her life living life like a dare. She did so wearing masks, but this time it was worse. Her closest friends made her keep the masks on and told her it was for their own good. That pain became worse, like a slow drip, and she eased the pain by being a workaholic, people pleaser, enabler, fixer, and a turbo-magnet for drunks. 

Then wham. She lost her mom to cancer. Desperate for advice on how to live without her biggest fan by her side, her mom advised her to, “Go for it, don’t wait till your 65”

So she went for it all right. Within one year she married someone she barely knew and got into business with a tried-and-true nut bar. 

The pain was still there and became worse. She worked even harder: became a dutiful daughter to an aging father, guardian to a head-injured friend, and tried to give love and friendship to people who didn’t want it or couldn’t reciprocate. Rejection was a form of validation that she was still not good enough and not worthy of love. 

And then a few years back, within a 6 month period, she received 3 massive strikes of rejection: one romantic, one familial, and one friendship.

She actually thought she was going crazy. She learned a new term, “Let go and let God”, which was a lot easier said than done.

Until one morning she was given the most incredible gift. For lack of knowing what else to call it, she called it Grace. 

For any of you that have ever been blessed by Grace you will know how she felt. It was an overwhelming love explosion that left her with only one question, “How can I serve?”

And from that moment, she set forth on a new positive pathway where reciprocity, love, and light were abundant. They were non-negotiable.

This little kid from Aysgarth is still my friend. And she is still little, small, and easily bruised. The only difference now is that I have made her my best friend. I have vowed to fight tooth and nail to remind her every day that she belongs, is good enough, and most certainly worthy of love. 

She is super.

So, my question to you now is, "What are YOU waiting for."